As many beer lovers know, Founders released this year’s batch of KBS on March 10th. Unlike 1,000+ other people, my girlfriend and I didn’t wait in line for bottles nor were we able to go delivery truck stalking the following week. Basically, I was going to have to suck it up and accept the fact that I wasn’t going to get any bottles of KBS this year.

A few days after the release, the weather started to get really nice and on one of those fine evenings, my girlfriend wanted to go for a walk. Just before walking out the door, she asked if I would grab her water bottle from the fridge. So I quickly turn around, fling open the door really quick and grab it and shut the door. Wait a second…that pink metal water bottle didn’t stand alone. I stop and turn around again to open the fridge again and see whether or not my eyes deceived me. They did not! There they were. A quadruplet pack of delicious Kentucky bourbon barrel aged breakfast stout: KBS. This walk, the water bottle…in the fridge where it never is, was all just to get me to discover the surprise she had waiting for me in the fridge. She is wonderful!!!

And we still went for the walk. The end.